• #ForeverStampChallenge


    In case you haven’t heard, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is in danger of running out of operational funds unless Congress intervenes. President Trump is willing to let the USPS go bankrupt, which will affect the lives of millions of Americans who rely on the postal service to deliver life-saving medication, mail-in ballots, and more.  How to Take Part in the #ForeverStampChallenge Take part in the #ForeverStampChallenge and support the USPS.  1) Buy Stamps. Buy stamps from your local post office or buy them online at usps.com/store. 2) Send Mail to 3 People. Plus the person who tagged you! Send them mail — it doesn’t even have to be…

  • Packages by the front door

    Quarantine Care Packages to Send to Your Friends and Family

    Is anyone else still sheltering in place or is it just me? COVID-19 arrived in the middle of our transition to living in California, so it’s put a huge delay in all of our plans—including travel, which means I haven’t been able to visit my family and friends. One of the ways I’ve been able to cope with being apart from my loved ones is by sending them random packages in the mail. Of course I love putting together personalized care packages to my family and friends, but there are also some great small businesses that we can support online! Quarantine Care Packages to Send to Your Friends and Family…

  • Quarantine postcards from Rhino Parade

    Quarantine Pen Pals

    I’ve been an avid snail mailer for years now, so when one of my best friends suggested that we start a pen pal program during quarantine, I was all in. Four of my best friends and I currently live in different cities in different states. Even though we text daily and call weekly, it’s not quite the same as seeing my friends in person. Sending each other postcards and letters is a great way to keep in contact. How to Start A Quarantine Pen Pal Program Here are tips on how to start your own pen pal program within your group of friends. 1. Find a few friends who are…

  • Reading Recap 2018

    Reading Recap 2018

    I always like a good reading recap at the end of the year (or in this case, the beginning of the new one). With so many books read in a year, sometimes I forget some of the books that I really enjoyed. It’s also interesting for me to see how my reading habits have changed.   5-Star Rated Books of 2018 I started rating more books with 5-stars on Goodreads. These are the books that I’ve read more than once and loved or will most likely read again in the near future. Left to Right: Royally Endowed by Emma Chase, The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang, Hurts to Love You…

  • Do You Want to Start a Scandal

    Top 5 Favorite Reads of November 2018

    I’ve surpassed my GoodReads Reading Challenge! I’m currently 15 books ahead, with 140 read out of 125 total books. I don’t think I’ve ever read so many books in a year before (according to GoodReads at least). I owe it in part to allowing myself to abandon books that I’m not enjoying. Reading shouldn’t feel like a chore, and I’ve stopped feeling guilty whenever I don’t finish a book. Sometimes the timing just isn’t right, and I’ll pick it up another time. But I read what I want, when I want. I end up finishing a lot more books when I enjoy them from start to finish.   Magic Bites…