C is for Chilean

On Sunday night, the 8th floor group and Amanda embarked uptown to Barros Luco, an authentic (according to their website) Chilean restaurant located on E. 52nd Street. Arthur had found the restaurant last week during Expository Writing, instead of paying attention to the lecture.

As first impressions go, you wouldn’t think that this restaurant was any good. First of all, upon entering the establishment, the first thing I saw was a clean counter with a menu up on the wall. The dine-in portion of the restaurant was up a flight of stairs. On a Sunday night, the small place was not empty; there were only three other tables being served while we were there but it didn’t give the impression that it was booming with business.

I lacked to do research this week so I had no idea what to order. I also had a snack in the late afternoon so I wasn’t particularly hungry. I ordered three empanadas (safe and boring): ham & cheese, beef, and chicken. The beef was obviously the best. Tasha, along with several others, ordered a Chilean sandwich which was supposed to be really good. The Chilean bun looked really fresh and everyone who ordered a sandwich seemed to enjoy it tremendously.

Despite first impressions, C for Chilean has been our favorite so far. No reported upset stomachs and the bill was light on our pockets. The location isn’t very convenient for us to keep coming back on a regular basis, but I will keep it in mind if I’m craving a sandwich.

Fun Fact: Barros Luco was President of Chile from 1910 to 1915.


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