D is for Dutch

I haven’t posted one of these in a while. Columbus Weekend was a little bit crazy. Everyone was going away so we decided to postpone D for Dutch by a week. We finally went this past weekend for brunch. The main reason we went for brunch this time around because of the pricing. D was a bit harder to find and the only Dutch place we found, Vandaag, was in the East Village. It’s a pretty close distance to where we dorm so it was pretty easy to get there.

Vandaag was kind of swanky. The decor was very modern – like it was ordered right out of the IKEA catalog. Their brunch menu was priced at around $8-15. The waiter seemed to know what he was talking about. We didn’t understand almost everything on the menu and he explained it pretty well. Personally, I enjoyed what I ordered – Hete Bliksem ‘Hot Lightning’ which was oven roasted potatoes, apples, and bacon. It was good, but after a while it got pretty sickening. I think it would have been better off served as a side dish instead of a meal. But overall, we were all pretty disappointed that the servings were small and generally just not worth the money.

Did our meal reflect Dutch culture? Eh, I can’t really say. If someone asked me about Dutch food, all I could say that they have interesting names and it’s quite pricey. Hopefully there’s another restaurant in the future that will change my view on Dutch food. Someone please open up an affordable and authentic Dutch restaurant in New York City.

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