H is for Hungarian

Whoops. I’m a little behind on my blog posts. I got a little lazy last week. We’re also a little behind on our Ethnic Food Nights since  two weeks before, we ended up skipping G for German because we could not find an affordable restaurant, we had Thanksgiving dinner this past Sunday as a group (post to come some time this week), and this weekend we’ll all be gone for Thanksgiving.

Anyways, H is for Hungarian at Andre’s Cafe is probably my favorite. I had veal goulash with nokedli, which was some kind of noodle. I was very happy that Patrick, the Hungarian in the group, had picked it out for me! It was amazing. I had a little trouble finishing it, but my friends gladly helped me polish off my plate. For dessert, we all shared a poppy seed strudel and chestnut puree. The chestnut puree was not my favorite but it was an interesting experience. It was really meaty so it did not taste like a dessert to me. On the other hand, I loved the poppy seed strudel. It was so good!

For a Sunday night, our group of six had no problem getting seats. The restaurant and bakery was very small so it was a relief that they were able to seat us with no wait. We had no problems overall with the wait staff. They all seemed very friendly and we had no problems with our orders. Overall, it was a great culinary experience and I cannot wait to come back for more!

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