First Offical Day Back

And what an eventful day it was. Ok. I’m going to try something for a couple of days, weeks, whatever, and just see if I can actually maintain it for once. Let’s go back to making this a blog about my life instead of just snippets here and there. I guess snippets are really handy when there’s too many things happening at the same time. But snippets of my life are usually for twitter. And occasionally here. Now I’m just rambling.

So my first day back. It seems that I have fallen into a habit of waking up at a ridiculous time of 8:50-something. I’ve been doing it for a couple of days now, no matter what time I fall asleep. My mental clock just happens to know when it’s almost nine and it wants me to wake up for some reason. So I’m up before nine, and what did I do? Stay in bed of course.

As much as I would have loved, I didn’t stay in bed the whole day without interruptions. I promised that I would start getting ready for school which means book shopping! Hooray! As much as I love books, there is nothing more I detest in the world than having to buy books for school. Because all that money could be spend on pleasurable books. And it hurts that textbooks are very expensive. I managed to make a list of all the books I need and bought one from the internet. Not bad.

At one, Tasha and I went to Strand. I’ve been craving to purchase a real book for a week now. I hate how I get these sudden urges to have a new book in my hands and call it mine mine mine. As much as I love the library, and as much as I love the nook, I don’t get that same thrill when I have a newly purchased book in my hands. I like to display them on my shelf. With a library book, you have to give them back. With an ebook, it goes wherever you go, but you can’t display them on a shelf. It’s there, but it could be easily forgotten.

I’d never thought in a million years that I would say it, but the Strand is inching its way to becoming my favorite bookstore. I’m cheap. A bargain hunter. And there is nothing better in this world than really really cheap books. I love how Books of Wonder has the best kids books out there. But I love even more how Strand can have some – emphasis on the some – of these books for a fraction of the price. I hate Strand’s organization, however. Or lack thereof. I get a headache when I browse through their shelves. How am I supposed to know if we categorize a certain book as the same genre? What if it falls under more than one? Where would the book be, huh Strand? And ok, I’m not the tallest of people so craning my neck to possibly look for a book is very difficult. I love how Strand has 18 miles of books and yet I can never find the books that I want to read. I really need to learn to shop at Strand and just browse.

I’m actually tired, so I’m cutting this entry short. I just wanted to complain about my stupid right foot. I hate how I’ve been complaining about it the whole day, but it really does hurt! There’s no worse hassle than a sore foot because I live in Manhattan and walking is my basic form of transportation. Which means it sucks to be a cripple. I’m hobbling, limping, whatever you want to call it. It’s not very attractive, but for some reason, I can’t put pressure on my right foot. I just want it fixed! Or at the very least, know what’s wrong with it.

There’s snow in the forecast for tomorrow. I have plans with Kimmy to watch No Strings Attached, and I hope that 1) my foot doesn’t cripple me tomorrow and 2) people shovel the sidewalks and 3) the snow stops early, but really that it doesn’t snow at all. Fat chance.

I’m sleepy. Maybe I’ll attempt to read. Maybe I’ll just pass out and sleep.

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