Things I Did Today to Procrastinate

WOOT!!! The semester is finally over, kinda! The only things I have left to do are a paper for seminar and three final exams! Today is technically a reading day, but since I always have Thursdays off, I almost completely forgot. Today’s agenda was supposed to be:

  • Finish up final batch of queries for internship!
  • Finish up my first manuscript critique and send it over to Brent!
  • Finish up my seminar paper to hand in early tomorrow!
  • Start reading the super awesome manuscript I requested!

Instead of course, I procrastinated! Yay! So here’s the long anticipated (not really) list of things that I did instead of writing my paper. (Because this was really the #1 thing I had to get done today.)

  1. Did my laundry: well, I had to. My basket was overflowing of stinkiness (not really, kinda).
  2. Had two breakfasts.
  3. Played games on Neopets. Hah!
  4. Watched really old episodes of vlogbrothers just because I can (and because baby Henry Green is super cute!)
  5. Looked up hot models.
  6. Bought a Groupon for Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.
  7. …. Wrote this blog post. Oops.

Back to work, I guess.

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