Massive Weekend Checklist

Long time no update. My bad. Internship’s been crazy and all I could do at night is check my email, Google Reader, a bit of Twitter, a chapter of reading before I pass out.

I have a lot of catching up to do this weekend:

  1. Write up an Internly Insight post at Muggle-Born
  2. Post an IMM vlog
  3. Go to the dentist
  4. Finish Bleeding Violet
  5. Send out Paperback Swap book and maybe a RAK
  6. Return blog comments
  7. Compile first week round-up for I Heart S&S Month
  8. Go through Google Reader!
  9. And probably loads more that I already forgot about…

Busy weekend! Hopefully I will get a lot, if not all, of this done. 🙂

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