In Which I Over-Analyze and Pretend I’m Mer and Anna

Caitlin says I’m probably over-analyzing but I don’t think I am. Fine, I’ll bring up the Katy Perry metaphor again. I feel like if it’s just the two of us, I can talk to him a lot easier than when adding a certain friend into the equation. Which sucks. Yeah, he’s hot and then he’s cold. Maybe they’re just better friends? I did just start talking to him less than a week ago. But I admit that I’m jealous of the attention that she gets. But maybe he actually is flirting with her? But then again, we were totally joking around during lunch today.

Okay, I’m over-analyzing. But still.

If I could portray my life as is into a book right now, it would so totally fit with Anna and the French Kiss. And I’m not saying this just because author Stephanie Perkins is made of awesome and that I’m completely in love with the book, but right now, I can totally relate with Anna. Boys with accents, exploring the city (New York, not Paris in my case), friends, that awkward moment where you think your friend likes the same boy, etc, etc. But in my case, I totally feel like Mer. Which totally sucks. Because we all (okay, maybe not everyone has read Anna) know how the story ends. Anna gets the boy masterpiece. And if I’m Mer, I’ll be stuck alone. Again.

Sigh this is depressing. I’ll go back to reading Anna and not think about the fact that I’m Mer-in-real-life. Pretending to be Anna is much more fun.

… Or maybe I’m just feeling overly hormonal since I’m not being regulated anymore. Oh geez.

Oh, and one more thing: why am I blabbing everything about my personal life on the blogosphere? Am I insane? … No my hormones are just out of control. Sigh. Okay, time for homework.


  • Sunny

    STOP IT! You’re my best friend and I love you so understand that I’m saying this with love: SHUT UP! You over analyze WAY too much. Call me tomorrow. We will talk some more about this.

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