Things Learned from Online Dating Sites

  1. It’s kind of weird if you recognize someone from another dating site.
  2. It’s even weirder and laugh-out-loud funny when you see someone’s profile that you know in real life.
  3. It is really really creepy when guys old enough to be your parents message you.
  4. Dude, why would you post a profile picture with a girl kissing your cheek? That’s a no.
  5. Dating sites make me feel productive about my love life even if I know I probably will not go out and meet someone I met from a dating site.
  6. I go on dating sites more often when I’m slightly (maybe) interested someone in real life. Which doesn’t make any sense. At all.
  7. The good dating sites that actually make you want to go out on a date? Well, those aren’t free, honey.


I have not yet learned why I have an OK Cupid account since January 2009. I’m a veteran user!!! My poor high school self was probably in a really bad mood that day.

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