Day 1 of Missing You


This is going to be intensely cursi because I’m not even going to bother to password protect this post. For future protected posts, it will be the same as the last post.

Writing projects don’t really go well for me nowadays, but I’m feeling inspired today of all days. Though ideally, it would be great to write everyday, I know that probably isn’t going to happen. Blogging isn’t really an activity that I can do in the middle of Pennsylvania (we are camping in Pennsylvania apparently, not upstate New York).

I used to write in a journal everyday. I owned a Tweety bird diary when I was seven or eight. I got it as a present from my mom and I remember that I really did not know how to use it. I didn’t know what to write in it because, let’s be real, seven-year-olds don’t exactly have deep reflections on anything. I still have this diary. I’m pretty sure the only memories I have of first grade are in that pink diary.

And there’s my whole collection of all the others I’ve filled up throughout the years. I used to spend at least an hour every night before bed writing. But now I can’t seem to maintain the habit of journal-writing. I try every now and then, but it doesn’t go very well. It kind of sucks because I used to love buying pretty journals just for the sake of it. And now I just have empty blank pages waiting to be written on.

Maybe it was my habit of journal-writing that makes it difficult for me to verbalize my feelings sometimes (okay, probably most of the time). Growing up, I just always wrote my intense feelings instead of saying them out loud.


No tears yet. I got a cab back to Manhattan right away. I figured it would be the least stressful mode of transportation… but most awkward mode of transportation if I just started crying since it would have been just the cab driver and myself. I usually exert a strong effort to make sure no one ever sees me cry. But I think that’s pretty normal.

And being the nerd that I am, I actually googled the manual for the Leica. I bought film before I went to Lore’s. I don’t think this first roll is going to come out very well, but we’ll see. I need a temporary handbag upgrade for the rest of the summer because I don’t plan on leaving the house without it. It makes me feel like you’re with me, even if you’re thousands of miles away.

Day 1 turned out to be good to me.

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