Day 13 of Missing You

Caitlin complained to me that my posts were getting too short, and since she liked the writing prompt so much, I decided to look for another one that I can write about. … Which is proving to be quite difficult. Some of these writing prompts:

  • Don’t relate to me in any way
  • Are just generally uninspiring
  • Are stuff you already know about

I guess partially that it is my fault since I am writing close to midnight when my brain is slowly shutting itself off. This is the time that I usually call it quits when it comes to school stuff – whether or not I finished. I don’t like to lose sleep over school work. I know I’m supposed to be an honors student and all, but it’s not worth it for me to be grumpy in the morning. Unless it’s really necessary.

Journaling Prompt – List five wishes that you have. Continue the exercise by writing about the fulfillment of each wish.

Okay, not going to lie… (well, I’m a bad liar anyway so it’s not worth attempting) I used to wish on stars, fountains, flower petals, and just about anything that one can make into a wish. But I never really thought they would come true.

But my wish necklace? Well, that’s an exception. My wish necklace is that silver egg that I wear often. Usually there is a piece of paper inside with my wish. But I haven’t worn it in a while.

I bought my wish necklace while on vacation down the shore – I’m pretty sure it was down the shore (and yes, I said shore – not beach). This was years ago – I was still in high school. My parents cannot resist Asian furniture/specialty stores – especially Tibetan/Buddhist kinds. My siblings and I usually find these kinds of stuff boring because my mother and father would just fawn over furniture and Buddhas (oh my goodness, like we don’t have enough?! You probably didn’t have time to notice when you were over but my house is full of them. People like to give us Buddha-related stuff too and lately, I’ve been convincing people not to.) But this store was different. It was full of a variety of knick knacks.

My wish necklace is technically a prayer box. I don’t think a wish is that far off from a prayer, I guess, just minus the religious connotation.

My wish necklace does have a pretty good winning streak of making things happen. My wishes usually come true. But as much as I’d love to believe in magic (if apparation was possible, I’d have done it already), but I think that the reason why my wish necklace works so well is that it is a constant reminder of what I want. The necklace serves as a nagging feeling that I can’t get rid of until the task has been done and accomplished.

I’m a little superstitious so when a wish does escape the confines of my necklace (also known as, the egg falls open and my wish falls out), I get a little worried that the wish might not come true after all. Two of my wishes have fallen out. One didn’t end up happening – which is all the better. But the other one came true.

But it’s been empty for a while now. I have nothing to wish for. … Except maybe you. But I don’t have to wish for you to come back. I know you will.

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