Day 2 of Missing You

Well now, it has actually been over 24 hours since I saw you. But I’m not changing my count. That will ruin my blog post titles.

I didn’t really have anything interesting to take photos of today with the exception of the Divas. They’re way too camera friendly for their own good. I guess I have to take the blame for Anja. Ever since she was a little baby I always took pictures of her. I think the majority of the pictures we have of Anja when she was an infant were taken by me.

I’m guessing all the pictures I have of when she was little are all either on the old Mac in the basement or in my mom’s external hard drive. But I did manage to find this one in my email account. Anja’s about 3 here, I think.

P.S. My mom highly approves of the idea of sending Anja a postcard, by the way. The little one loves getting mail.


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