Day 6 of Missing You

Not going to lie, I almost just skipped writing a post today altogether. I didn’t have anything in mind to write about up until five minutes ago when I felt an intense longing for you. (Okay, that sounded like it came out of a romance novel. But it’s true.) Writing helps, so here I am writing up a last minute post a few minutes before midnight.

Yesterday, I told you how my entire family was basically teasing me during the family picnic. Here was one conversation that we had:

Dad [to me]: See? The bees are all attracted to you.
Mom [to me]: Are you texting?
Me: What does that have anything to do with bees?
Mom: Because you’re sweet.
Dad: Oh god, that was so corny.
Me: I’m going to tell him you said that.

During the picnic, Mom also to reenact my texting facial expressions which included lots of fake giggling. -_-

I feel slightly better now, but I still miss you intensely.

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