Day 7 of Missing You

Okay, I admit it. My project is throwing me off because today I thought it has been a week since I last saw you. But that is false. Tomorrow will mark a week. So yeah, I had no excuse to be all mopey today. So I wasn’t. (At least I didn’t think I was.)

I still couldn’t come up with anything new to say today, so I had Loreal send me some writing prompts. She directed me to this website, and today, I decided to write about this:

Memoir Prompt – Write the story of how you came by your scars. Be sure to describe the scars, including their locations.

I used to be in a really bad relationship. With stairs. I must have had bathmophobia (fear of stairs or slopes, it exists – I googled it.) for quite a while because a lot of my childhood memories involved me falling down a flight of stairs.

I have a scar below my bottom lip thanks to a flight of stairs in one of the houses I grew up in. I swear it happened the time around Christmas, when I was sitting near the top of the stairs peering down through the bannister. I was trying to watch my parents set up the Christmas tree. The next thing I knew, I was going face first down a flight of steps. I would have been alright if the last step hadn’t been tiled cement with a sharp corner…

The only other scar I think I have is near my hairline. I don’t know if it’s actually visible, but I can feel a slight indentation. When I was younger, I fell off a 3-person carousel at McDonald’s or something. I don’t know how that even happened. I just remember crying.

My scars aren’t nearly as impressive as your battle scars.

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