Missing Boyfriend’s Home Cooking

It didn’t take long before I got tired of cooking for one. It’s only been a week, and my cooking and eating habits have already changed.

Food shopping suddenly became a challenge. For months I’ve been shopping for two and I was finally able to buy produce and other perishables without thinking how I can possibly finish it all before it goes bad. Now, the struggle returns of figuring out what to buy. Can I really eat that many string beans within a week? Can I drink that much milk all by myself?

And then of course is the cooking. I’m super lazy when it comes to feeding myself. Gone are the elaborate dinners. Cooking doesn’t feel like a chore when I’m not always doing it because lucky me, Boyfriend is a great cook. I get pleasure in feeding other people, and it just isn’t the same when I’m cooking for myself all the time.

Arroz ChaufaTonight, however, I decided to treat myself. I must be missing Boyfriend’s home cooking already because I tried cooking his arroz chaufa. Boyfriend’s staple dish is one of my favorite Peruvian home-cooked meals. Ranks high on my list of comfort food favorites.

As Boyfriend’s sous chef when he cooks, the task of making the Peruvian fried rice was relatively easy. It involves a lot of chopping so it can be time-consuming when making a big batch. But since it was just me… I was done in under an hour.

I sent a picture to Boyfriend who says it looks just like the way he makes it, but I still think his tastes better. The only thing I couldn’t get right is the consistency of the rice. It tastes almost right.

That’s one thing I’ve always noticed. It must be my Asian upbringing that just leads me to consistently make rice a little more on the sticky side while Boyfriend’s rice tends to be more loose and grainy.

This is one dish I’ll be trying to perfect until Boyfriend is back home. For now, I’ll be happily eating away the leftovers throughout the week.

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