Another Sign of Missing You

I actually wondered how long it would take before I crack and decide to bake.

It’s so easy when you’re here. I don’t have to feel guilty about baking a huge batch when you’re here to eat it all up for me. Or at the very least, help me eat it all up.

Banana BreadWhat makes this banana bread different from the others is that I used frozen bananas for the first time. Right after you left, I stored blackened bananas in a plastic bag in the freezer. I knew that eventually (just two weeks later, apparently) I would crave banana bread.

Using frozen bananas isn’t that much different from using ripened ones, minus the fact that I had to wait an hour for them to thaw before I could mash them. On the plus side, mashing was effortless because the bananas were super soft. My banana mixture came out thicker than usual, but this was probably because my bananas were still cold and less juicy.

I usually don’t make my banana bread with nuts, but I felt extra adventurous today and toasted some walnuts while making the batter.

I may have baked my banana bread a few minutes too long, but the end result is still super tasty. It isn’t as moist as usual, but that’s something a spoonful of Nutella can fix.

Banana Bread

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