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Quarantine Care Packages to Send to Your Friends and Family

Is anyone else still sheltering in place or is it just me?

COVID-19 arrived in the middle of our transition to living in California, so it’s put a huge delay in all of our plans—including travel, which means I haven’t been able to visit my family and friends. One of the ways I’ve been able to cope with being apart from my loved ones is by sending them random packages in the mail.

Of course I love putting together personalized care packages to my family and friends, but there are also some great small businesses that we can support online!

Quarantine Care Packages to Send to Your Friends and Family

Build Your Own Care Package from The Ripped Bodice

Care package from The Ripped Bodice

Romance novels are a great escape during hard times because you know that the characters are 100% guaranteed a happy ending. I love these custom care packages from The Ripped Bodice because you can personalize them based on your recipient’s reading taste and your budget. All you have to do is fill out a Google form and they will send you an invoice from Paypal based on your selections. You can choose from new and used books and also add extra goodies like teas, candles, and bookmarks!

Baked Treats from the Milk Bar

We’ve all participated in a Zoom birthday call at this point, but I also love sending some baked treats in the mail. You can send someone a whole cake from the Milk Bar, or send half a dozen cookies or cake truffles for a smaller surprise.

One word of caution is that mail delivery has been pretty inconsistent for me. Factor in chances of delays when choosing your baked treat!

Succulent Care Package

Succulent Care Package from SucculentKreationsCo
Credit: SucculentkreationsCo

I LOVED the idea of sending my best friend a succulent in the mail for few reasons: 1) it brings the outdoors indoors, 2) it’s a gift that will last a long time (in theory … ) and 3) it’s a great alternative to sending flowers in the mail.

I also love that this care package comes with a small candle! I’m a sucker for candles.

What are your favorite quarantine care package ideas? I’m always on the lookout for new things I can send to my loved ones!

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