In case you haven’t heard, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is in danger of running out of operational funds unless Congress intervenes. President Trump is willing to let the USPS go bankrupt, which will affect the lives of millions of Americans who rely on the postal service to deliver life-saving medication, mail-in ballots, and more. 

How to Take Part in the #ForeverStampChallenge

Take part in the #ForeverStampChallenge and support the USPS. 

1) Buy Stamps.

Buy stamps from your local post office or buy them online at usps.com/store.

2) Send Mail to 3 People.

Plus the person who tagged you! Send them mail — it doesn’t even have to be a letter. Send washi tape, a tea bag, stickers, a crossword puzzle, a newspaper clipping, a coloring page… be creative. 

Include info about the challenge and encourage them to participate!

See below for more ideas and downloadables.

You can also use this shortened URL for this page: bit.do/foreverstampchallenge

3) Post a photo online of your outgoing mail.

Let your friends know what’s coming in the mail. Use the hashtags #ForeverStampChallenge and #SavetheUSPS to spread the word.

Read More About What’s Happening to the USPS

Other Action Items You Can Take to Support the USPS

  • Sign a petition: Action Network, Change.org.
  • Text USPS to 50409 to contact your state representatives through Resistbot.
  • Or use those stamps and send your state representatives a letter. You can find their contact info here.
  • Choose USPS when ordering online instead of FedEx / UPS / DHL

Snail Mail Resources:

Printable #ForeverStampChallenge Info – Easily spread the word by including this printout in your envelope.

Snail Mail Word Search – A fun printable to send as part of the challenge.

Coloring Pages – These artists have graciously provided coloring pages to pass the time during quarantine.

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  • Kassy

    It’s awful to hear that such a vital service is in such danger. Thank you for sharing this post, and I hope everyone who participates can make a difference!

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