• 5 Things I Brought to France from America
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    5 Things I Brought to France from America

    I’d like to say that, in general, I’m a pretty light packer. In the past, I’ve had to stuff towels in my checked bag (and more recently, air cushion packaging that usually comes with your Amazon deliveries…) to add extra cushion for my fragile items. But every time I have weighed my suitcase at the airport, my luggage is right at the weight limit. Why? Because I am always stocking up on my American “essentials” of items that are more expensive, hard to find, or just not quite the same in France. Here’s some of what I brought back from my 3-month summer in the USA. 1. Cole Haan sneakers…

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    Mystery Film Roll

    New-to-me experience: finding a used-up roll of film and not having a clue of what was on it. Rodrigo and I threw ideas back and forth on what the photos could possibly be. We were both wrong. Dating back all the way to the Autumn of 2014 through New Year’s Day 2015, I was surprised by all the wonderful portraits I took of my friends. This one has been sitting on my bookshelf for a while and I didn’t even know it.

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    Day 40 of Missing You

    I know you said that you didn’t want things to change between us. But I think they already have… in a good way. Being apart from you for so long has forced me to express myself in some ways that I wouldn’t have done before. Before you left, I somehow got the idea that I wanted to be able to talk to you like I would my best friend. I always knew that I could tell you anything… but actually doing it is a different story. Admittedly, I wasn’t there yet at Day 1. But now I feel like I’ve lost my censor. I can tell you things that I…

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    Day 36 of Missing You

    Caitlin and I have been getting coffee every week since you left. Like I’ve previously mentioned, 50% of the conversation revolves around you because you are my favorite conversation topic. During today’s conversation, Caitlin and I made a list of Important Things We Need to Discuss (we as in you and me – not me and Caitlin) when you get back. So please remind me to bring up the three things (three so far) that I need to bring up in case I: a) forget or b) refuse to bring it up because it ranges from serious/kinda awkward to a little funny. Also, I told Caitlin that I was going…