• Reading Recap 2018

    Reading Recap 2018

    I always like a good reading recap at the end of the year (or in this case, the beginning of the new one). With so many books read in a year, sometimes I forget some of the books that I really enjoyed. It’s also interesting for me to see how my reading habits have changed.   5-Star Rated Books of 2018 I started rating more books with 5-stars on Goodreads. These are the books that I’ve read more than once and loved or will most likely read again in the near future. Left to Right: Royally Endowed by Emma Chase, The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang, Hurts to Love You…

  • Meet Your Baker by Ellie Alexander

    Top 5 Favorite Reads of October 2018

    I’ve been reading a ton of good books lately, and it’s gotten to the point where it feels too good to be true. I feel like any minute now, my luck will end and I will hit a reading slump. But for now, I’m having a hard time narrowing my top favorite reads of the month, and I am okay with that. I’m still making great progress on my GoodReads Reading Challenge! I’m currently 12 books ahead, with 116 read out of 125 total books. (For the sake of rounding things out, I increased my goal from 121 to 125. My goal is usually 1 more book than the previous…

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    Day 17 of Missing You

    Yesterday, while I was at the library, I finished rereading one of my favorite books, The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan. This is the same author that I quoted in one of my notes for you. The Lover’s Dictionary is his only book for adults at the moment. I’m never really in the mood to ever reread because my to-read pile is just daunting. So the other night, when I felt like rereading The Lover’s Dictionary, I got to it straight away. I am quite anal about writing in books. I don’t do it. But The Lover’s Dictionary is one of those books that needs to be marked. When I…

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    In Which I Over-Analyze and Pretend I’m Mer and Anna

    Caitlin says I’m probably over-analyzing but I don’t think I am. Fine, I’ll bring up the Katy Perry metaphor again. I feel like if it’s just the two of us, I can talk to him a lot easier than when adding a certain friend into the equation. Which sucks. Yeah, he’s hot and then he’s cold. Maybe they’re just better friends? I did just start talking to him less than a week ago. But I admit that I’m jealous of the attention that she gets. But maybe he actually is flirting with her? But then again, we were totally joking around during lunch today. … Okay, I’m over-analyzing. But still.…