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    Day 7 of Missing You

    Okay, I admit it. My project is throwing me off because today I thought it has been a week since I last saw you. But that is false. Tomorrow will mark a week. So yeah, I had no excuse to be all mopey today. So I wasn’t. (At least I didn’t think I was.) I still couldn’t come up with anything new to say today, so I had Loreal send me some writing prompts. She directed me to this website, and today, I decided to write about this: Memoir Prompt – Write the story of how you came by your scars. Be sure to describe the scars, including their locations.…

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    Favorite Anime As A Kid

    I used to watch this show all the time on Cartoon Network back in the Philippines. I’d play dress-up as I watched and I never missed an episode. Until recently, I didn’t even know what the cartoon was called. A quick Google search revealed: Akazukin Chacha.