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    Rewarding Meal: Homemade Pesto and Steak

    I’ve been really good at eating healthier for the last few weeks. I would have thought that now that I am back to cooking for one, I would revert back to my college eating habits. When I lived back at the dorm, my cooking routine was severely limited to quick, cheap, and easy meals such as mac and cheese, lots of pasta, lots of rice dishes. I rarely bought any vegetables or fruits because most of the time they spoiled before I was able to use it all. I made the most of my money and I hated seeing food go to waste. Surprisingly, I am able to keep up…

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    Late Night Chats

    I think it’s some kind of wonderful to be able to talk to a group of people about everything and anything. There is nothing embarrassing. The horror stories of the past have suddenly become comical. All  insecurities are laid out in the open. Exposed, embraced. There’s no holding back, and as time slips by tongues loosen. The conversation wavers from silly and immature to deep and impacting. The tea pot’s been drained, but there’s hardly a lull in conversation. It’s only when the eyes start to droop that one must take a stand before another interesting turn in conversation. The need of sleep finally wins over the need to chat.…

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    Radiant as the Sun

    I made a collage last year to decorate my room, but this year, I wanted something that was a little more meaningful. This is one of my favorite literary quotes. Suzanne Collins is a beautiful writer. This surprisingly did not take very long to make. I just cut out around 25 pages of magazine ads, cut them in half, and then cut them into letters. I’m thinking about doing another quote for the other side of the room.

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    Things I Did Today to Procrastinate

    WOOT!!! The semester is finally over, kinda! The only things I have left to do are a paper for seminar and three final exams! Today is technically a reading day, but since I always have Thursdays off, I almost completely forgot. Today’s agenda was supposed to be: Finish up final batch of queries for internship! Finish up my first manuscript critique and send it over to Brent! Finish up my seminar paper to hand in early tomorrow! Start reading the super awesome manuscript I requested! Instead of course, I procrastinated! Yay! So here’s the long anticipated (not really) list of things that I did instead of writing my paper. (Because…

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    So Long Spring Break

    It was fun while it lasted. My last day of spring break consisted of: Waking up before 10 Running to the grocery store to stock up on food (and resisting a package of cookies… but I gave in with a bag of chips) Making a yummy lunch Eating & reading outside … for three hours Only to get sunburn on half my body Spending the rest of the day inside slaving over homework and starting papers last minute Finding out that the week of BEA that I was so looking forward to will be marred with the presence of two exams. Exams suck. These last few weeks are going to…