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    Mystery Film Roll

    New-to-me experience: finding a used-up roll of film and not having a clue of what was on it. Rodrigo and I threw ideas back and forth on what the photos could possibly be. We were both wrong. Dating back all the way to the Autumn of 2014 through New Year’s Day 2015, I was surprised by all the wonderful portraits I took of my friends. This one has been sitting on my bookshelf for a while and I didn’t even know it.

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    Snippets from 2015

    Sad but true: this one roll of black and white film spans from February through October 2015. One of my goals this past trip in Peru was to take a lot of photos on film. When I usually get my film developed, I go through photographer’s remorse when I realize how little I’ve captured. Unfortunately, this still happened during my most recent trip in early October. I swear I took more photos, but I guess it all ended up in my iPhone instead. Part two of Peru is coming up… as soon as I finish my roll of film.   California, February 2015 Berkeley   San Francisco   Santa Cruz…

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    Family Time Part 1

    Mom to Anja: “Remember when chocolate coins used to come out of your ears?” Anja: “Mhm, every time I pooped.” Mom: “And peed in the toilet!” Mom: “Dad has gotten really competitive ever since I got him into foursquare. He wants to beat all of us.” Dad: “You can’t check into AC Moore when you’re only picking up Iya! You have to step in the store!” Mom: “Wow, look at the moon!” Me: “It looks so different here!” Dad: “It’s an Amish moon…” Mom: “You can’t take a picture of it.” Good times.

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    Things Accomplish, Things Realized

    Accomplished: Photoboothed at the Met. Accomplished: Watched my brother’s coronation as the next King of Siam. Realized: I don’t know what I want. (Please decide for me.) Accomplished: Partied tennis style. Realized: I am blogging again on Sectumsempra because I want attention. I don’t care to elaborate. I’m not ready for that on the WWW.

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    Spring Break So Far

    Maintaining a reasonable sleep schedule. Sleep before 2 and up before 11. Lots and lots of free time… which means games and games on Neopets. 😛 Reading outside. On the trampoline. Unless it’s raining. Cooking in a roachless kitchen. Peace and quiet without the little sister. Dishwasher! And siblings to boss around to do the chores. Well-stocked fridge. I like. No homework… not yet at least.