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    Dear Best Friend

    Regardless of your boy drama, it still looks and sounds like you are having an awesome time in London. It sucks that you won’t be going to Paris this time around, but I promise you that in the future, we will have our version of Anna and the French Kiss. So in regards to some interesting points in your email, I decided to list them out because it might just be a more organized fashion to address all the random things: White coffee: Funny how I’ve never, ever heard this phrase before. I guess it’s something you really don’t know unless you’ve lived there for a while? Huh. Well, regardless,…

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    Things Accomplish, Things Realized

    Accomplished: Photoboothed at the Met. Accomplished: Watched my brother’s coronation as the next King of Siam. Realized: I don’t know what I want. (Please decide for me.) Accomplished: Partied tennis style. Realized: I am blogging again on Sectumsempra because I want attention. I don’t care to elaborate. I’m not ready for that on the WWW.

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    Signs, Fate, Whatever You Want to Call It

    I’m usually a non-believer, but I believe in signs and fate. Things happen for a reason, right? I was totally looking forward to this weekend because it really was the first time that all of us as a group went out. I had high expectations for just about everything. I think the ultimate sign that things just weren’t supposed to be is my wish necklace. I was feeling so optimistic that night that I scribbled a wish and tucked it inside the little metal egg I wear around my neck. Funny how minutes after That Moment That Will Be Repressed, I reached for my necklace only to find the egg…

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    A Non-Stop Party

    With the exception of school on Friday morning, my weekend felt like it started on Thursday. Since I really should stop procrastinating and just get started on my homework, here’s a quick list on what I did this weekend: Took my aunt and cousin Andrew on a quick food tour of my favorite places to eat around Union Square: Artichoke and the milk bar. Visited Ground Zero on Thursday. It was already a media frenzy! 🙁 Went to Shake Shack at Madison Square Park with Andrew and Eric for the first time in over a year. So yummy! Partied it up at Fashion’s Night Out in SoHo with Tasha and…

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    Late Night Chats

    I think it’s some kind of wonderful to be able to talk to a group of people about everything and anything. There is nothing embarrassing. The horror stories of the past have suddenly become comical. All  insecurities are laid out in the open. Exposed, embraced. There’s no holding back, and as time slips by tongues loosen. The conversation wavers from silly and immature to deep and impacting. The tea pot’s been drained, but there’s hardly a lull in conversation. It’s only when the eyes start to droop that one must take a stand before another interesting turn in conversation. The need of sleep finally wins over the need to chat.…