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    But Equus Was Better

    Yeah there I said it. Equus was better, and not because Dan Rad wasn’t naked in HOW TO SUCCEED. To be honest, I think it was the actual plot that got me. As interesting as it was to see main character Finch climb his way to the top, it didn’t strike me as very intriguing. As far as story lines go, it was okay, nothing exciting. (And I really tried not to compare to LA CAGE, which I just saw the other night. Business men vs. drag queens? There really isn’t a competition.) On the other hand, EQUUS made me think. I think it was just a better written play…

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    Dear How to Succeed in Business

    As much as I want to see your show, please stop posting about the red carpet event at your opening night. It brings up bad memories of that awful day when Moz and I almost went to see Dan. It’s very disappointing to wait on line at TKTS for an hour then leave without tickets. Break a leg, Dan Rad, and all those other people who are in the show with you. Based on the absurd sales in tickets, I doubt you really need the luck. Save me a seat in the future. Preferably in the orchestra.