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    Weekend Wrap-Up

    Well this was such a busy weekend. On top of the studying that I’m trying to accomplish for next week’s finals, Moz was over this weekend. I haven’t seen her in a few months because of school and all so it was a lot of fun. The first event we tackled was the McQueen for a Night event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My friends and I were all expecting the Met to be closed down for the college group specifically, but that didn’t happen. Dressing up eccentrically was a lot of fun even if we got a lot of odd looks on the way there. I really love…

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    momofoku milk bar

    I have a new favorite place for dessert: momofoku milk bar. After planning some places to go for dinner tonight with Moz, we started looking up the various momofoku restaurants. I’ve known about the milk bar for a while now, but I’ve never had a chance to go. After looking at menus for an hour, it became imperative that I go there last night. With the company of Jack, Cindy, and Eric, we braved the cold and walked down to 13th St and 2nd Ave. The trip was worth it. I got to try their famous cereal milk soft serve which tasted a lot like the milk left over after…

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    Pre-Thanksgiving Feast

    We had an epic feast this past Sunday at our dorm. Everyone was required to bring something, preferably to cook. I ended up making a dessert: cinnamon apple puff pastry with creme anglaise – a recipe that I learned last year in my culinary elective! I did not think it would take so long to cook, but when cooking for about a dozen people, it ends up taking a while. The creme anglaise I made on Saturday, which took about two hours to make two batches. The puff pastry took a while to make since I had to bake a dozen. With prep and cooking time, it took three hours.…

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    Quidditch World Cup IV

    I never knew watching Quidditch (for Muggles) would be so much fun in real life. I’m a huge Potter fan, but the idea of playing a flying and magical sport on land is, well, kind of nerdy. Nonetheless, Tasha, Jack, and I headed over 54th St and 11th Ave to watch some of the Quidditch World Cup. Hunter has to get its own Quidditch team. Not that I would play – full contact, running intense sports are not my thing – but I would definitely cheer for our team. I can’t wait for next year’s World Cup! I also used this event to try out the free camera I got…

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    Halloween Party

    I’m a little behind on all my posts. The weekend wasn’t too particularly busy but I had to go home to New Jersey on Saturday so it felt a lot shorter than it usually did. On Friday night, the 8th floor gang kicked off the Halloween festivities by attending a party downtown. It was a lot different than the first party Anne, Arthur, and I attended at the Times Lounge since we knew almost everyone at this party. It was a lot of fun dressing up, but the weather was a bit too cold not to be wearing pants.