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    Day 41 of Missing You

    I complained that we didn’t have a photo together. (When I tell this to people, they’re always like, WHAT?! It’s hard to believe, apparently.) Then, when I was going through my pictures on my phone, I found this: THIS ONLY COUNTS A LITTLE. So you are not off the hook. Skype screenshots also do not count that much, FYI. I know I’ve been to Fuerza Bruta x amount of times (I lost track, I admit it), but I really think that going with you was the best and most memorable.

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    Day 40 of Missing You

    I know you said that you didn’t want things to change between us. But I think they already have… in a good way. Being apart from you for so long has forced me to express myself in some ways that I wouldn’t have done before. Before you left, I somehow got the idea that I wanted to be able to talk to you like I would my best friend. I always knew that I could tell you anything… but actually doing it is a different story. Admittedly, I wasn’t there yet at Day 1. But now I feel like I’ve lost my censor. I can tell you things that I…

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    Day 36 of Missing You

    Caitlin and I have been getting coffee every week since you left. Like I’ve previously mentioned, 50% of the conversation revolves around you because you are my favorite conversation topic. During today’s conversation, Caitlin and I made a list of Important Things We Need to Discuss (we as in you and me – not me and Caitlin) when you get back. So please remind me to bring up the three things (three so far) that I need to bring up in case I: a) forget or b) refuse to bring it up because it ranges from serious/kinda awkward to a little funny. Also, I told Caitlin that I was going…