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    Day 9 of Missing You

    Of all the days for me to miss a post, I miss Day 8. This is just my acknowledgement that it’s been a week since I saw you last. Maybe I’ll edit this post again in the morning with actual content.   Edit: Skype dates need to happen more often. That is all.

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    Day 7 of Missing You

    Okay, I admit it. My project is throwing me off because today I thought it has been a week since I last saw you. But that is false. Tomorrow will mark a week. So yeah, I had no excuse to be all mopey today. So I wasn’t. (At least I didn’t think I was.) I still couldn’t come up with anything new to say today, so I had Loreal send me some writing prompts. She directed me to this website, and today, I decided to write about this: Memoir Prompt – Write the story of how you came by your scars. Be sure to describe the scars, including their locations.…

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    Day 6 of Missing You

    Not going to lie, I almost just skipped writing a post today altogether. I didn’t have anything in mind to write about up until five minutes ago when I felt an intense longing for you. (Okay, that sounded like it came out of a romance novel. But it’s true.) Writing helps, so here I am writing up a last minute post a few minutes before midnight. Yesterday, I told you how my entire family was basically teasing me during the family picnic. Here was one conversation that we had: Dad [to me]: See? The bees are all attracted to you. Mom [to me]: Are you texting? Me: What does that…

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    Day 5 of Missing You

    I actually just got off the phone with you. But since it is past midnight my time, I will call this day 5. Chances are I will finish this post tomorrow morning or afternoon anyway. So I was thinking of the fact that it is my turn to send you pictures. (I was in the bathroom while we were having this conversation. Which means that, because of the echo, the whole house probably heard. From an outsider’s perspective [in this case, Jaymes and Iya’s], I can only imagine what they think when we say that we are exchanging pictures. But whatever.) Every now and then I do make an effort…

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    Day 4 of Missing You

    Have you ever watched me read? I know that there was that one time when I was just reading in your bed while you were working on your homework… I can pretty much read anywhere. If I’m really into a book, I can block everything else out and just get lost in the story. People usually have to exert some effort to get my attention again. I’m one of those people who is also not allowed to read in public. I can be quite an expressive reader. I have gasped, laughed out loud, and cried in public from reading a book. I can’t keep a straight face. I try not…