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    Where to Eat in Porto Portugal

    One of the top highlights of our trip to Porto was the food. Rodrigo and I both went to Porto with very little knowledge of Portuguese food beforehand. I did a bit of research on different dishes to keep an eye on, but we were really hoping to get insider tips (as we usually do) from our Airbnb host. We found the following restaurants through a variety of sources: Elsa—our helpful Airbnb host, Google Maps reviews, and other travel publications and articles. 1. Café Santiago Café Santigao is probably the most touristy restaurant on this list, but I think it’s important to include it because it gives you a solid…

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    Disastrous Afternoon Tea at the Russian Tea Room

    The Russian Tea Room is an iconic restaurant in New York City. It’s one of those restaurants that you just know by name. My friends (Moz and Loreal) and I finally decided to give RTR a try during the holiday season. When I think of High Tea, I think of endless delicate finger sandwiches with a pot of good tea. We made sure to eat breakfast early so that we would have empty stomachs for our meal. My friends and I also decided to dress up for the event seeing that it’s not every day that you go to the Russian Tea Room. We booked reservations for Afternoon Tea on…

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    What Procrastination Tastes Like

    Or … the list of restaurants I’d like to visit in the near future: Peanut Butter & Co – I love their white chocolate peanut butter and I’ve been wanting to check out their sandwich shop ever since I stumbled across it two years ago or so. Long time. Doughnut Plant – I’ve only been there once, and their doughnuts are to die for. Inconvenient that it’s in the Lower East Side. Totto Ramen – Talking about noodles and ramen made me crave some miso ramen. I went there over the summer and I couldn’t get over how good it was. Must. Go. Back. Alice’s Tea Cup – I need…

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    Dear Big Daddy’s

    I would really love it if you emailed me your promos at least a day in advance. As much as I love your diner, I really hate scrambling to make last minute dinner plans just so I can take advantage of 15% off on Tax Day, or in my case, find out when I’m already in Jersey.

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    H is for Hungarian

    Whoops. I’m a little behind on my blog posts. I got a little lazy last week. We’re also a little behind on our Ethnic Food Nights since  two weeks before, we ended up skipping G for German because we could not find an affordable restaurant, we had Thanksgiving dinner this past Sunday as a group (post to come some time this week), and this weekend we’ll all be gone for Thanksgiving. Anyways, H is for Hungarian at Andre’s Cafe is probably my favorite. I had veal goulash with nokedli, which was some kind of noodle. I was very happy that Patrick, the Hungarian in the group, had picked it out…