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    Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

    More than one year later, I finally got my black & white film from Argentina developed. This post complements my Buenos Aires: Week 3 post. I had alternated taking photos on my digital camera and my Leica point-and-shoot that day. I’m super happy with how my shots on film came out. Usually, after a trip, I get upset that I didn’t take more pictures on film… But by the way these photos turned out, I’m really happy that I was choosy with each shot. I think there were only a few shots in this roll  that I didn’t like.

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    Buenos Aires: Week 3

    Whoops, well this is a few months overdue. I’ve been lazy. Most of the pictures taken on my last week were at Recoleta Cemetery. Jonathan and I ended up going here on a whim after one of our classes let out early.

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    Buenos Aires: Week 2

    I felt super guilty that I hadn’t taken pictures (digitally) all week. So basically, with the exception of Lucia’s picture, all of these were taken today. Of course, I do not have pictures of myself.