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    Dear Weather

    It’s officially spring. Hail is not for spring. Rain is alright. No hail, no snow, no wintry mix. I want to wear a sundress and a denim jacket. Get it together. This isn’t cool. Thanks to you, I’ll be schlepping my way to Brooklyn in awful conditions tomorrow afternoon.

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    First Offical Day Back

    And what an eventful day it was. Ok. I’m going to try something for a couple of days, weeks, whatever, and just see if I can actually maintain it for once. Let’s go back to making this a blog about my life instead of just snippets here and there. I guess snippets are really handy when there’s too many things happening at the same time. But snippets of my life are usually for twitter. And occasionally here. Now I’m just rambling. So my first day back. It seems that I have fallen into a habit of waking up at a ridiculous time of 8:50-something. I’ve been doing it for a…